The Kircherwirt Hotel was established for the first time in 1360 and since 1915 it has been run by the Hintner family. In that year Johann Hintner buys the Hotel and creates a familiar reality ready to meet the needs of visitors. In 1969 the management of the Hotel goes to Peter Hintner and Monika Kargruber and since 2003 the Hotel is run by Maria Hintner.

Along the years many innovations have been made in order to offer more comfort and cares to our guests, maintaining the Hintner’s passion to run the Hotel. In 1970 the restaurant was built and in 2005 it was decided to renovate the bar and the TV room. In 2006 the restaurant was renovated too and the Hotel was turned into the Kircherwirt as you know it today.

Kircherwirt Hotel is in San Martino in Valle di Casies, a few steps from the central square, in a peaceful and flat area, along the way that directs to the sports center.

The Kircherwirt has a large car park for guests and a wide green relaxing area equipped with games for children.