The wide Valle di Casies stretches from Tesido via Colle and the main place of S. Martino up to S. Maddalena at the head of the valley and includes a territory that ranges from 1,191 to 2,837 m asl. The municipality of Casies is a really striking area, above all due to its genuine and natural character. Numerous well-cultivated farmsteads are spread all over the valley with its lushly green pastures covered by colourful flowers. The mountains that surround the head of the valley belong to the foothills of the Vedrette di Ries and the Defregger Alps.
If you come to the Casies valley for hiking, we highly recommend you to stay for a while, as there is a multitude of destinations. A particularly impressive walk is the Almweg 2000 (alpine pasture trail), a circular route that provides an insight into nature, culture and traditions. A must-do in this tour is a stop at one of the refuges to taste some speck and home-made cheese.
In winter Casies does not only offer a little ski-lift for beginners, but also many possibilities for winter hikes and tours at the head of the valley. If you prefer tobogganing, we recommend you the track at the Rif. Mudler Alm at Tesido.
Alpine pasture festival, Granfondo cross-country ski competition, there is always something to do and see in Valle di Casies. And for a bad weather day we recommend you a visit to the farmers’ museum Voadohuibn, providing an insight into the hard farmers’ lives of once upon a time. The most famous citizen of Casies Pater Haspinger, who considerably contributed to the victory in the freedom fights of 1809.